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Professional Cinema Design Service

As independent technology consultants we are not tied into any one manufacturer or product so are free to advise you on the best products to fit within your room & budget. We offer a full design and build service, including dry wall and electrics so no need to call in other contractors.

Currently taking on projects across Austria & Europe.

Demonstration room

Our demonstration room is located in Bisamberg 2102 lower Austria. Only 25min from central Vienna. Enjoy a coffee while we explain the different surround sound formats, screen aspect ratios, room acoustics, room lighting considerations & projection technologies.


Please note visits to the demonstration cinema is by appointment only.

The big screen experience in any room

Home Cinema, Home Theatre, Heimkino, Media Room... Whether you want the big screen experience in your living room or you want a dedicated room for your TV / film viewing, Kiwi Smarthaus can help. The experienced team at Kiwi Smarthaus combine industry leading technology with years of experience to custom design and build home cinema systems tailor-made for you and your family. We can design a solution for any size room and importantly any size budget. We are not tied to any specific brands so can offer truly impartial advice. Don't have a spare room to dedicate to home cinema? No problem,  in fact most of our installations are in Family or Living rooms. Got a spare room in the Cellar? Perfect Kiwi Smarthaus can design a dedicated cinema room that follows industry reference home cinema specifications. If any building or decorating works are required Kiwi Smarthaus can work alongside your regular builder or can take care of the entire project. 

A Solution for any Budget

We understand that not everyone has a Hollywood sized budget but we can help. We offer a professional TV mounting service and can pair your television with a basic speaker set or soundbar to create the best possible experience that fits in with your budget. During the professional installation the Kiwi Smarthaus engineer will hide all cables and plug in all your audio and video sources. We can even incorporate your existing speakers or amplifiers into the system and can help set up streaming services & voice control of the system.

Technology that stands out or blends in...


Don't want a huge screen or large speakers permanently on show in your Living room? Invisible speakers, motorised projection screens and projector lifts allow all the technology to be out of site when not in use. Alternatively Kiwi Smarthaus can design a system that highlights the technology components for a striking modern design statement.

in ceiling screen.png

Professional Cinema Design Service


Here at Kiwi Smarthaus we don't make guesses, all our cinemas are built to industry standards as closely as possible. Sean the founder of Kiwi Smarthaus is fully trained in cinema design & believes a scientific approach to cinema design is the best way to optimise the audio video quality and user experience. Our dedicated cinema room designs contain speaker placement, sound pressure level calculations, room elevation drawings,  seating configurations, room acoustics, projector brightness and throw ratio calculations

Cinema design 3.jpg
Cinema design 2.jpg
Cinema design.jpg

Set the Scene


In our opinion lighting control is one of the most underrated aspects of a Home Cinema system. As well as the obvious energy efficiency advantages, a properly designed lighting control system can also add a real wow factor. Features such as having the main lights automatically dim when the TV or projector turns on and having control of the lights right on your TV remote are possible. We stock a range of different wired and wireless lighting solutions, and it's even possible to add lighting control to properties without the need to re-wire the lights


Under Control

There is no point having a system that is so complicated to control that you end up not using it. Here at Kiwi Smarthaus we understand that ease of use is hugely important & we only specify equipment that is intuitive to use. We have in stock a wide range of universal remote controls, meaning you don't have to juggle 5 remotes to turn on the system and we can even give you the ability to control the system from your smartphones and tablet wherever you are in the world. If desired we can incorporate voice control via an Amazon Alexa , google assistant or Apple Homepod so its as easy as saying "Cinema off" when you leave the room. 

RTI controls.jpg
T4X RTI.jpg

Thinking about buying a better sound system for your television or a new cinema system? Call to arrange an in-home visit from one of the team, we are happy to share ideas and create a no obligation proposal . Alternatively come visit our  home cinema show room in Bisamberg, only 25 mins drive from central Wien. Here we can demonstrate our recently built home cinema, complete with 110'' (280cm) projector screen, 8 speaker surround sound, Lutron smart lighting & iPad control system.  Enjoy a coffee while we explain the different surround sound formats, screen aspect ratios, room acoustics, room lighting considerations & projection technologies.

Please note visits to the demonstration cinema is by appointment only.

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