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Stylish Technology to Complement Your Designs


The technology options available in a modern home is advancing at rapid pace. Considering how we now live in our homes – browsing the internet on our phones, remote working, and streaming the latest series on our TVs, listening to music, turning lights on (activities which are often happening simultaneously in a family home) – and you realise how intrinsic technology has become.

Options for a smarthome broadly include:

WiFi & IT networking: We can ensure perfect WiFi coverage throughout a property no matter how large. We can also help set up VPNs and improve network security. We can also advise on the best Internet provider for your property. 

Audio: including both traditional HiFi setups and multi-room audio which provides the option to play music across every ‘zone’/room or choose different music in different zones in the house. 

Visual: from multi-room systems which allow you to stream box sets, sports etc, to different TVs throughout the home, to dedicated cinema and media rooms. Discreet 'wohnraumkino' systems make it possible to have a cinema experience in any room. 

Lighting: Options include remote control – allowing you to turn on/off and dim lighting in a room or throughout the house – and intelligent lighting which mimics your daily use whilst you’re on holiday

Security: options are numerous and include video door entry systems and CCTV

Other: The options for smarthome are numerous. Want to see the temperature of your pool on your phone, or control your garden irrigation system? No problem!

Unfortunately, often this home technology aspect of a building or renovation project is left as an afterthought. Often we see newly built properties with a number of different systems but none of them work together and you get a situation where you have 10 different remote controls to operate the different systems (Window shutters, lights, heating, Air conditioning, pool cover, pool pump, television , set top box, DVD player, satellite receiver) all with separate complicated remote controls - Not very smart....


 The term "Smarthome" is often banded around but without proper planning and thought the finished result can be anything but smart. We have noticed that often the electrical contractor will attempt to design a "smarthome" but they often have little understanding how to design a properly integrated system.


Because we specialise in this area we can offer you the best advice and a range of different products to suit the client’s individual needs and their budget of course.


A properly designed Smarthome should be intuitive, easy to use and can add real value to your client’s property.


Our technology installations can be visible, discreet or completely invisible, in accordance with your client’s needs. It can also be beautifully designed, hand crafted and made from exclusive materials that coordinate fully with your colour palette, even the humble socket or light switch can be a work of art!


Over the years, we have worked with a large number of interior designers and architects & will happily advise the best technology and brands to sit alongside your design requirements. 


Take on Kiwi Smarthaus as your go-to smart home experts and we can help you and your clients with every aspect of their home technology. 

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Commission & discounts


Our close relationships with manufacturers and distributors allow us to purchase equipment at special trade prices. We appreciate being introduced to your clients & can offer you a commission payment for all projects you refer to us. It can be a one off finders fee or a percentage of the total project, just let us know what you prefer.  Or if you prefer we can offer the discount directly the customer so you can be sure they are getting a quality installation at the best possible price. We are happy to work with you and include you in our process or if you prefer we can take the home technology aspect completely off your hands and deal with the client directly. 

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Home Technology that blends in


We understand that technology and design don't always go well together. A huge television or large floor speakers can ruin a beautifully designed room. We are experts in hiding or concealing the technology so it doesn't interfere with the interior design. Televisions can be hidden inside cabinetry or behind artwork, speakers can be in the ceiling or also hidden . Automated lighting systems can be designed so that at the touch of a single button all of the lighting circuits in a room can be set to preconfigured dimming levels. This create a beautiful ambience and can be used to accentuate the interior design features or artwork. 

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Projects big or small


We take on projects both big & small. Whether it be a small project such as wall mounting a single television or a large full house project involving a Home Cinema, multi room music, lighting control, heating, CCTV & video entry we can take it on. No matter the size of project we are happy to take a look and provide a quotation free of charge.

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Our process

Initial Meeting & Quotation:

Ideally we like to be involved right from the initial planning stage, but if that is not possible we can come in when the property is finished. Usually we like to have an initial meeting with you and your client to give us an idea on what aspects of home technology they require. This initial meeting can also be extremely informative for the client as often they don't fully understand what is possible.  We will then supply you and your client a fully itemised quotation. Included in this quotation will be the planning, all cabling & equipment, installation/configuration and client handover and instruction.  If the client doesn't have a budget in mind we can supply different packages (Gold, Silver and Bronze) at different price points with an explanation of what the difference is between the packages. 



Once the quotation has been agreed we will start the design stage. If necessary will will design a cabling plan for the on site electricians to follow. Whilst many products can be "wireless" these days some cabling is still necessary. We design these cabling plans with the agreed system in mind but also to allow for future additions and technologies. We will also provide you the Interior designer or architect with a detailed document showing all dimensions of products,  equipment locations and any other necessary information. We are happy to work directly with your electricians, carpenter or cabinet makers if our installation effects their scope of works.


With larger systems we tend to place all the background equipment in a dedicated equipment rack. The internet router, switches, amplifiers TV set top boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles can be all hidden away out of sight. When possible we like to build the system in our offices so it can be configured, tested and programmed before being install in your clients home. Our engineers are very much used to working in luxury private homes and will display a top level of care for the clients property. Dust sheets and floor protection will be used and all rubbish will be taken away.  We even offer a service where which we will remove & recycle the clients old equipment / televisions.  


Once the system in fully installed and tested we will meet with you and your clients to put any finishing touches on the system and to show off the operation of the system. If a lighting system has been installed we will arrange an evening visit so we can program in all the lighting scene levels. With larger more complex systems we will even provide a system handover document showing the clients how to use the system. 

After care and system servicing:

For equipment we honour the individual manufacturers warranty periods. If say an amplifier or electronic component goes faulty within the warranty period we will send the unit in for repair / replacement and reinstall it free of charge. Outside of this warranty period we would charge labour but at a reduced rate. For larger projects we often will include some equipment which will allow us to log into the system remotely, very helpful for making customer requested programming changes or when troubleshooting issues. We can also offer annual servicing visits in which we come update all system software, dust off and check all system components. 

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About us

Sean Hardiman is the founder of Kiwi SmartHaus. He was born and raised in New Zealand. Very early, he discovered his passion for Technology. In his 20s he moved to the UK to continue his career there. Sean loves his homeland, but even more he loves his wife and his 2 children and moved with them to Vienna.


He has many years of experience in developing and installing Smart Home Systems in New Zealand, the UK and Austria. He co founded a successful home technology company in London which won several CEDIA Home Technology Awards. Sean regularly attends industry training sessions to update his knowledge with new Technologies and Products.

2015 award winning installation Heimkino