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We offer lighting design consultations & can personalise a lighting system based around you and your families needs.  Maybe you want smart lighting in a single room or throughout the property, we make it simple.


Save energy — A lighting control system makes it easy to dim your lights and ensure the lights are only on when you really need them on. 

Scene based lighting —  Instead of 'dumb' switches for each lighting circuit, control multiple lighting circuits with a single button press. You can easily adjust these scenes yourself via an app.

Convenience — Use the Goodnight button to turn lights off and lower blinds in other rooms of your home, from the comfort of your bed. Switch off all the lights in the property with one press at the front door. Check if you have left lights on from an app anywhere in the world.

Control — Your lighting can be controlled from a smart wall mounted keypad, from your smartphones and tablets via a free app and even with your voice via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homepod. 

Scheduling — You can program lights and shades to automatically adjust at set times of day. Schedule exterior lights to turn on before you walk into your home at the end of your work day.

Geofencing — Controls lights based on your location. This feature can turn lights on for you when you arrive home and notify you if you’ve left lights on when you leave.

Smart Away — Randomly turns lights on and off in the evening, so it looks like you’re home, even when you’re not.


Feel secure — Hear a noise in the night? Turn exterior or hallway lights on and raise living room blinds from your phone or bedside controller.


Motion sensing— Lights can automatically turn on/off when you enter or leave a room. That way, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving them on. Perfect for bathrooms and hallways.

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Our process begins with gathering necessary details and performing a site survey. Next, we design and propose a practical solution, then we install, test and show you how to to control your new lighting system. Finally, we provide maintenance and continued support if you need it. For systems we have configured we can even can supply remote support 

Come visit our demonstration Home Cinema


Thinking about buying a better sound system for your television or a new cinema system? Call to arrange an in-home visit from one of the team, we are happy to share ideas and create a no obligation proposal . Alternatively come visit our Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 home cinema show room in Langenzersdorf, only 25 mins drive from central Wien. Here we can demonstrate our recently built home cinema, complete with 110'' (280cm) projector screen, 10 speaker surround sound, Lutron smart lighting & iPad control system.  Enjoy a coffee while we explain the different surround sound formats, screen aspect ratios, room acoustics, room lighting considerations & projection technologies.

Please note visits to the demonstration cinema is by appointment only.

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Under Control


There is no point having a system that is so complicated to control that you end up not using it. Here at Kiwi Smarthaus we understand that ease of use is hugely important & we only specify equipment that is intuitive to use. We have in stock a wide range of universal remote controls, meaning you don't have to juggle 5 remotes to turn on the system and we can even give you the ability to control the system from your smartphones and tablet wherever you are in the world. If desired we can incorporate voice control via an Amazon Alexa , google assistant or Apple Homepod so its as easy as saying "Cinema off" when you leave the room. 

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